Hobby Lobby Can Suck It

The Supreme Court f**ked up big time today.  Until they fix this shit, I will not even consider shopping at Hobby Lobby, ever, and will actively discourage anyone I know from shopping at Hobby Lobby, because an employer should never have the right to discriminate based on “religious beliefs” and this is going to be one long nightmare in America for a long, long time.  Hobby Lobby is not a small,,  mom and pop shop like they claim, they’re a large chain store with zillions of stores making millions of dollars and lots and lots of employees and now, thanks to mass stupidity by our beloved Supreme Court, they have the right to tell a woman whether or not she can use contraceptives, refuse to cover meds for HIV positive employees, refuse to hire someone or fire them purely based on the fact they are HIV positive, refuse to hire or cover unmarried mothers, and pretty much claim “religious beliefs” to get out of doing anything they don’t want to do.  It’s not about religious beliefs or religious freedom, it’s about greed and bigotry and actively seeking new opportunities to discriminate against anyone and everyone who doesn’t believe exactly the way I tell them they should.  Amen. 

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