Gay Marriage In Kentucky

A Federal Judge declared Kentucky’s ban on same-sex marriages unconstitutional today, which is a great big hairy deal if you happen to be gay and living in Kentucky. As of right this minute, there is nothing online in the New York Times. Brian Williams and NBC News chose not to mention it at all this evening. The local news reported on it, then announced that their Facebook Question Of The Day was “What Do You Think About A Federal Judge Declaring Kentucky’s Ban On Same-Sex Marriage Unconstitutional?” which resulted in such a hate fest online that I’m sure it will continue for days and probably weeks or at least until the new season of Survivor starts.

I think I’m insulted.

I know I’m insulted that our Democrat Governor immediately appealed the ruling, so nobody is getting that license anytime soon, and really, Governor, f**k you, I voted for you, I expect you to represent All the people of Kentucky, not just some of them.

I know I’m insulted that the HRC or Lambda Legal or some agency or another that I support with my hard-earned cash recently made a big deal about how they were going to pull in the stupid southern states and focus on marriage equality there, and they listed, specifically, Mississippi, Alabama, and Missouri, because apparently, even in the stupid southern states, Kentucky isn’t worth bothering with.

I’m not getting married here even when it does become legal. We’ll probably go back to Vermont, where we had our civil union ceremony 12 years ago, but only to get a certificate that says “married” once I can cover my spouse on my health insurance here in Kentucky. Because Kentucky insulted me more than plenty when they passed their stupid constitutional amendment in the first place denying me the right to get married here and refusing to acknowledgement my civil union from another state.

I guess people just wonder “jeez, dumbass, why are you even IN Kentucky? Just go somewhere where they accept the fact that gay people exist.” But I, and pretty much every gay person I know in Kentucky, was born here. It’s home. Not that I’m still clinging to the apron strings, and not that I wouldn’t move in a heartbeat if the right opportunity presented itself, but right now, I’ve built a career that I’m trying to just get through until I can retire and live happily ever after somewhere else, and until that date, I wish to hell the entire world would stop insulting me.

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