A Really Great Day

So today, unexpectedly, for no apparent reason, I had a really great day. Nothing special happened. I didn’t win the lottery. I didn’t suddenly grow cut up abs. I just had a really great day.

I hit the snooze alarm an extra time and still made it to work in plenty of time without rushing. I got to work and discovered I’d miscalculated what day of the month it is and today was payday instead of tomorrow. I asked for something and I got it. Someone asked me for something and I gave it to them. I accomplished everything I needed to accomplish, without feeling stressed or bored.

Two assholes cut me off on the way home, but then immediately turned off onto a side road so I didn’t have to follow them all the way home fuming at what assholes they were. My boyfriend made an excellent dinner. I paid my bills. I played with my dogs. And now I’m drinking espresso, happily ensconced in my favorite chair.

I think the most important part, to me, was realizing that I was having a really great day, and not trying to control it, or question it, or change it in any way. I just allowed it. And tomorrow, maybe I’ll do it again.

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