I Have Seen The Work Of God In His Glory

So I’ve noticed The New Hot in our current up and coming generation of young men moving into adulthood is a particular and very specific overall mass that indicates they’re all using pretty much the exact same rotation of the equipment at the gym. Muscular neck and back, with nicely defined shoulders that are wide but not overblown on steroids, tapering down into a firm and defined waist that leads to a spectacular ass that truly defines the phrase Bubble Butt, topping off two muscular legs with solid calves previously only seen on hard-core lesbian hikers. They’re absolutely lovely, if not a tad generic. And the most faithful followers tend to be slightly shorter than average, which is my very most favorite type.

This week, at work, I followed in a crowd of people returning from lunch, and got behind a youth previously unseen by myself in our hallowed halls, and he fit the above referenced profile exactly, except he was approximately 6′ 5″ tall. I’m taller than average myself, so guys I have to look up to always bring a pleasant novelty to my day. We have a long hallway leading from one section of the building to another, and I followed directly behind this guy the entire way, quite coincidentally, Behind being today’s secret word.

How do you not drool over an ass that perfect, wrapped in khaki, rolling back and forth with every stride like the sea reaching the shore, when it’s right there in front of you, practically hovering in your face? How does one not stare? Stare to the point where said perfect ass apparently could “feel” that someone was staring at him, and he began uncomfortably checking over his shoulder for a stalker or an ex-wife. My eyes immediately shifted to the bland white wall, as if nothing miraculous was moving in front of me, but seriously, I Have Seen The Work Of God In His Glory, and we don’t get much of that here in the middle of nowhere.

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