Credit Cards

So, I’ve only got three credit cards, but two of them are completely maxed out with extraordinarily high balances and I’ll probably die owing money on both of them no matter how much I pay down each month. Both, for whatever reason, expire after a year or two, and then I get new credit cards — IN THE MAIL.

So, we’re so worried about identity theft, particularly in how it affects our credit scores and the fact that said thieves may use or create credit cards, and credit card security is supposed to be such a big deal yet we read on the news every day about yet another chain that got hacked and stole everyone’s personal information including their credit card data, and this is really the big fear of our times, the thing most everyone is worried about, and yet our credit card issuers feel perfectly comfortable mailing new cards via the United States Postal Service. Because apparently nobody working in senior management at any credit card agency has seen the viral video of the postal worker chick going postal and just dumping bins and bins of mail into dumpsters rather than taking the time to deliver the mail. And apparently nobody working in senior management at any credit card agency feels the need to track the card to the client and verify it’s been delivered, which they can do with UPS or Fed Ex but NOT WITH THE DAMN POST OFFICE BECAUSE THEY DON’T DO THAT.

Apparently, nobody in senior management at any credit card agency feels the need to do any actual work, or any actual thinking, or any actual problem solving or analysis of current problems that could be easily resolved within the current system if they were not so goddamn greedy. Because my interest paid this month alone would cover the UPS delivery charges for a dozen people or more, but that would be twenty bucks less profit for each card and twenty whole bucks is an unacceptable expense to the credit card agencies but my identity and the possibility of some ass-wipe stealing the card from the post office is not a risk they feel like accessing today.

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