So, I learned today, through rather reliable sources, that the cause of my recent angst at work, being the fact that I can’t seem to get anything accomplished because the paperwork seems to be getting log-jammed somewhere in senior management, is actually caused by the fact that my Commissioner is a micro-manager. Which annoyed the hell out of me at first, because these modern times in this new millenium, we tend to think of micro-managing as a sign of poor leadership. And seriously, she has much more important things to do than worry with my little piddley stuff, which is essential to my doing my job, but should be pretty much beneath her unless I’m seriously screwing something up. Hell, I’ve never met her. Why should she need to personally handle some fairly standard paperwork that thousands of front-line staff handle for their senior managers every day?

But then I got to thinking about it: This particular Commissioner is a smallish African-American woman, which in Kentucky State Government is an immediate three strikes, since senior management in Kentucky tend to be almost completely slightly taller than average white men with badly dyed brown hair. The fact that this woman has actually managed to work her way up to a Commissioner gives her every right to be a micro-manager. She’s earned it. And in Kentucky State Government, women in any position of power tend to be micro-managers because they have to be, to show the above mentioned white men that they are just as capable, but unfortunately, they have to work ten times harder to prove it.

If I have a wish for her, tonight while looking up at the stars, it will be that someday she realizes She Doesn’t Have To Play Their Shitty Game Anymore. Not a lot of people question the authority of a Commissioner. Plus she’s intelligent, has several advanced degrees, and is (from what my source tells me) a genuinely nice person. She can kick ass on her own terms, and let the hired help handle the small stuff. It may be frustrating for me, but it isn’t nearly as frustrating as it is for her.

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