Entertaining Myself On Labor Day

So, I suspect the very best thing about Labor Day here in America is if you happen to be one of the elite who do not have to work or be on call that particular day, which is incredibly f**ked up, because it’s a national holiday in honor of everyone who has to work for a living (the vast majority of us) and the theory was we would all get an extra day off to relax from our labors when the forefathers were putting this entire plan into action. Once upon a time, pretty much Everything was closed all day long, except for a very minimum of fire, police and hospital personnel.

Now all the malls are open, and all the movies, and all the groceries and fast food and not-so-fast food and gas stations and car dealerships and furniture stores and hair salons and pretty much any place that offers any sort of service so that those of us who don’t have to work on Labor Day have a place to go and Do Something on Labor Day because god forbid we should just stay home and read a book and cook out and visit with friends. We must be Entertained, Thoroughly.

I personally am boycotting anyplace that has people working tomorrow. And I’ll be fine. I can entertain myself, thoroughly, quite well, thank you. And you should too.

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