Becoming Angel (part 2)

So, the new wings have apparently grown through or on or in or however it is wings unexpectedly grow on your back, so the pain has mostly diminished and I’m getting used to how the additional weight affects my posture and balance. I’m not really fluent in their use yet, because I just got them, and because I had to work all day and really, you just can’t practice opening and closing and flapping and eventually flying while you’re trapped inside a cubicle.

And of course, since they’re behind me, I can’t see them, even when they’re expanded and unfurled, because of course, I’m still mostly human and we have this thing about our ability to comprehend Angels and other supernatural other-dimensional beings, so even when the bad boys are fully up I can’t really see them in the mirror, I just can feel their presence, and oh my dear god, these f**kers are growing in BIG.

Oddly enough, there was a dead dove laid out to rest at my front door when I got home today, and I’m unsure if it’s just another bird who crashed into one of our many windows and killed itself, or if a local cat killed the poor thing and brought me a present, or if it’s some type of angelic or demonic calling card, a warning or a welcome, a message that I don’t fully understand yet, because I am not yet fully Angel. I suspect the latter, because that’s how it usually is in epic tales and classic stories, and who am I to assume that I am not now front and center, or at least an important secondary character, in an epic tale or classic story, especially since I seem to have grown f**king Angel Wings.

I think there’s going to be one terrific learning curve, here.

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