Becoming Angel (more)

So, a few observations about the new wings and the halo:

As of now, today at least, I can’t really access the holiness of the wings and the halo when I’m doing innately human things. Example; I mowed the lawn this afternoon, and decided I’d let the wings out to play while I rode the lawn tractor up and down the hills of my yard. Nope. Not happening. Mowing the grass is something so innately and insanely human that the Angel bits just won’t even begin to cooperate. At least, not yet.

Also, wearing that stupid hat I wear doing lawn work so my bald spot won’t get sunburned, somehow keeps the halo from rising up and out and over. Sort of like an uncut penis staying safe inside it’s foreskin.

I am able now to withstand scalding hot showers, whereas before all this, I really preferred tepid-to-warm.

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