Becoming Angel in New Orleans

So, I was walking down the street in New Orleans, Angel Wings and Halo fully extended, like a full-body hard-on, because some places are so holy they just do that. I’ve never been as hyper-aware of the wings and the halo at the same time together working as one working with me working in me.

I ate gumbo and jambalaya and shrimp po-boys and oysters and more oysters and everything was drenched in hot sauce and I was still hungry, because the wings and the halo burn up many calories when they’re running on high-beams.

Music was everywhere, coming from every window and door, and they were all playing and singing different songs but they combined into one holy choir in my ears.

A homeless man approached me and asked for change, and I reached in my pocket and found only one single penny, but it was new and shiny and glowed in the sunlight. I handed it to him and told him “Keep this and don’t spend it but keep it with you always and it will change your life from what it is into what it should be”, and he looked me in the eyes for the first time and began trembling and fell to his knees and tried to awkwardly worship me, but I stopped him and quickly walked away, because that wasn’t the point and that wasn’t the reason and that wasn’t appropriate.

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