Becoming Angel In Autumn

Today, suddenly, outside the window and on the ground, I noticed a flash of red lying still upon the green grass. At first I was sure it was a Cardinal, and assumed it was dead because it seemed not to be moving, and then I got worried it might still be alive and only wounded so I finally left the house and went outside to see for myself.

It was a leaf. It was the first red leaf I’ve seen this year. Unlike the rest of the country, Kentucky has been granted some amazing weather this year, and we’re only now starting to get down anywhere near an overnight freeze. The trees haven’t really started turning yet, other than a few flashes of yellow here and there.

But this leaf was a fairly brilliant red, and the leaf itself looked familiar but not enough so I have any idea what tree it came from, and nothing in the general area even had a hint of red.

It is as though the wings have reached inside not just to my heart and lungs but now up into my eyes, and they did feel very sensitive last week, but I thought that was just sinuses. But today, that leaf looked more vivid than I am accustomed to, and whether it was due to the contrast of the red on the green, or the angel growing into my eyes, I don’t really care which, much, because I like seeing that way.

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