Angel Altered

If, as we are often told by the spiritual leaders, we are born perfect and in the image of God, we then choose to alter ourselves, is it self-improvement or self-mutilation?

People have loud opinions about various number and types of tattoos and piercings, but what about the things our society takes for granted, like dyeing one’s hair, or working out at the gym? What about Botox and how is that somehow different from fillers and how are they different from plastic surgery? What about knee replacements, or prosthetic legs, or cataract surgery? What about losing weight by dieting and exercise, vs. losing weight by weight reduction surgery that physically alters one’s digestive tract? What about face moisturizer and hair conditioner and bikini wax? What about cutting our toenails, or cutting our hair, vs. cutting the inside of our arms?

How do we reconcile what we are born as into what we attempt to make ourselves become?

And how does unexpectedly growing angel wings and a halo, which nobody else can see because most people aren’t humanly capable, and which sounds when spoken out loud as mad as a freaking hatter if not worse, how does that reconcile with being born human but evolving into something else, something more, something hopefully good but as of now honestly unknown and who the hell knows if horns are going to start growing out the top of my head tomorrow as well?

It is human nature to evolve. It is natural to evolve. Nature evolves. But we humans seem to be at a point in our evolution that we try to force the evolution, to shape it, to make it be what we want it to be rather than allow evolution to shape us into whatever the next stage of our evolution actually is.

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