Getting Gay And Married in Las Vegas

So, seriously, what the f**k is wrong with Las Vegas? They’re still reeling from the recession, and here’s Gay Marriage, a Zillion Freaking Dollars Instantly, if they just push Nevada to legalize gay marriage, and yet they actually got themselves a stay of justice for two extra days. And as soon as it was lifted, not only were the locals saying “let’s get married” but, hey, they live in Vegas, they Understand Fabulous, and they’re doing it right and for real.

Shall we get married by an Elvis Impersonator like the drunk straight people do? Shall we get married in a gondola in the Venetian? Shall we get married in front of the fountains at the Bellagio? Perhaps we’ll check in at the Encore afterwards for our honeymoon, and have couples massages at the Wynn. Perhaps we’ll hire Sir Elton or Brittany to sing at our reception. Perhaps we’ll invite the Cirque du Soleil hotties so we’ll have the sexiest reception guests in the history of the world. Or perhaps we’ll have an Egyptian-themed wedding at the MGM, because that whole Egyptian thing is so over that it’s almost hot again.

Nobody does loud weddings like Las Vegas and Gays. It’s about freaking time it become legal.

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