Angel Altered (part 2)

But then, don’t we have a responsibility to become the very best we can be? Doesn’t the child, born innocent and perfect, still have some obligation to evolve upward? And aren’t there hierarchs of angels, from cherubim all the way up to demigod or semi-god or God’s Right Hand Dude? Don’t we reincarnate again and again until we finally someday get it right and evolve into whatever state of grace the human spirit is capable of?

If the stained-glass window at the church becomes cracked, don’t we have a responsibility to replace and repair the glass? If a hip wears out, and we have the technology, don’t we have an obligation to replace it and extend the usefulness of the attached human? And if the psyche gets damaged in love or war, don’t we have a responsibility to seek repair, via therapy or intoxication?

Where does it cross over from mere pride to real responsibility? Do I have a responsibility to look as young and healthy as possible for as long as possible, even if it means hair dye and Botox and facelift? Do I have a responsibility to my employer to look and dress and act in a professional manner, or is it just good for my self-esteem to see myself and present myself to the rest of the world as successful? Is it responsible to recognize miracles as they occur, even if they sound insane to the general populace? And does that perceived insanity due to recognizing miracles somehow present a danger to others who don’t perceive or recognize the miracles you see?

Is it honesty, or blasphemy? Is it wisdom or insanity? Is it self-awareness, or is it vanity? Is it truth or is it fiction, and is there really any difference at all beyond individual perception?

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