Becoming Angel (Update)

This week, I:

Exorcised many minor demons from two dogs.

Took a single plant and made it into three.

Received another dead bird offering, this time at my garage door.

Sat patiently, waiting.

Felt my heart beat harder as my blood became thicker.

Received a gift of extra stability to be utilized in the future.

Reconciled my past bad memories with my future good memories of the same event.

Drank an inordinate amount of Kefir.

Brought a dead kitten back to life.

Gave up on the Democrats as a bunch of whiney losers with no balls at all.

Wished some bitch I hate would just disappear forever, and she suddenly did, and I have no idea where I sent her but I don’t really give a shit either.

Let time pass.

This Becoming Angel stuff isn’t nearly as glamorous as it sounds. But it keeps getting bigger.

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