Becoming Angel (The Food Part)

I’ve always listened to my body when it has cravings for particular food, mostly because it’s usually something I need before I know I need it. Like orange juice. Or Spicy V-8. Or yams.

But this, this is a whole new world. Spinach Salad cravings for days, and when I finally gave in, an inordinate amount of green went into my mouth in a very short period of time. Soup. Immediate liquid gratification of some nutrient my body wants and wants Right F**king Now. Potato Soup today. With Mushrooms. And Celery. And Lots Of It Dammit.

I made bread so I could have homemade toast for breakfast this coming week, but my mind conjured some magic recipe with wheat germ and flax seeds and whole wheat flour and pumpkin seeds and brewers yeast and organic blueberry jam. This is an entire days worth of supplemental foods crammed into a single loaf of bread and forced to provide me with more health and vigor than previously known to mankind outside of Superman.

I made my lunches for the coming week, but without my realizing or paying too much attention, it fast became lentils and rice and wheat and carrots and broccoli and some Chinese Vinegar I can’t even read and garbanzo beans and spices I didn’t even know we had in the cabinet, and it tastes wonderful but it looks like dog food but it probably has so many vitamins and minerals it could feed a third world country for weeks instead of just me for the next five days.

I’m hardly working out, but my biceps are hard. My poochie stomach is slowly but very surely absorbing into abs. My legs ache at the end of the day, but my ass is literally like steel. My body is becoming something new, something better, something more powerful and more resilient and more goddamn fabulous. My body is becoming the instrument it needs to be in order to carry the incredible load of the Angel Wings and Halo.

And that sounds like something wonderful, and it is, but the reality of it is basically taking quite a bit of Tylenol every morning and every bedtime, because evolving is painful. But it’s a pain one can live with because, well, hey, one is evolving and damn if it ain’t one rocking ride.

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