This is how over-protected and isolated I’ve become from the Real World:

We eat healthy food. Not macro-biotic or raw food or vegan or anything like that, but just generally healthy food. Whole Grains. Vegetables. Non-over-processed Foods.

I had no idea whatsoever, until today, that you could buy a bag of pre-cooked Uncle Ben’s Brown Rice and microwave it in the bag for 90 seconds and then have cooked rice in a bag ready to eat. Because I buy big one and two-pound bags of brown rice and cook it on the cooktop with water and steam like we used to do here in America before we had microwaves or knew how Asians really cooked rice in steam baskets. I had no idea this convenience product was available.

Granted, the price for a smallish bag is more than the two-pound bag I normally buy, but there is a time-saving and non-pain-in-the-ass-product value here. So I bought two bags. Which I’ve already tested and eaten and though I doubt I’ll buy them on any regular basis, mine eyes have seen the glory, and now that I know it’s there, my world may never be the same.

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