Becoming Angel (Update #2)

Recently, I did these things:

Captured and tormented and slew hundreds of demons, manifesting themselves as vermin. Their sheer volume is no match for my Angelic powers, assisted by the Dyson.

Became aware that the vastness of the infinity inside me is equal to or greater than the vastness of the infinity outside me.

Listened to the voices of other Angels singing in my head. Constantly. It doesn’t really stop anymore, it just turns down the volume occasionally.

Remained confident, though not loud about it, that the upcoming elections will shock and astound the entire nation and open the pathway to the More Perfect Union that We The People originally created. Either that or Armageddon, I’m not quite sure yet….

Created bundles of symbols that no one will understand except me. I shall give said symbols away on the sacred holiday of Halloween, and most likely they will not be appreciated, and I know that, but I’ll do it anyway. Because Angels Do Shit Like That.

Stopped wearing antiperspirants. It clogs my pores and makes me itch and I don’t sweat that much in the fall anyway. It’s unbecoming of an Angel to be scratching at his pits like a damn dog….

Observed my human-ness through Angel Eyes several times. It’s very weird and not always pleasant. My human side is pretty much an asshole fairly often.

Observed my Angel-ness through human eyes several times. It’s very weird and not always pleasant. My Angel side is absolutely nothing like the pretty pictures we paint on our Christmas Greeting Cards. My Angel side is pretty much a bad-ass fairly often.

Overfed my body over-processed fake cheese food for the very human very guilty pleasure of eating it, and because once I’m fully Angel, I probably won’t be able to process that shit anymore.

Sanctified the meal of over-processed fake cheese food with far too much garlic, which ensures I will likely be left the hell alone at work all day tomorrow.

Kissed my Boyfriend in pubic.

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