Becoming Angel (Bionic)

So, when I was a wee young lad and a stupid drunken idiot, I managed to have both hips replaced because the originals were rotting away due to heritage, genetics, and extremely cheap rot-gut vodka. I’m not really sure how the combination did quite as much damage to my ball joints as it did, but it did, and ultimately, dealing with the pain of recuperating from said operation sent me into my final downward spiral and to the bottom with a loud hard splat. As a result, I’ve been sober for 25 years now, but the artificial body parts were then and are now pretty much designed for our aged population to take to their graves with them after five or ten years. My bionics are fast wearing out.

So, tomorrow is a state government holiday and I’m off work, when I plan to get my hair cut and buy some trendy overpriced sweatpants so I’ll have something to wear home afterward, and then the next day I’m having one of my replacement hips replaced. Not as simple as a basic hip replacement is these days, especially compared to 25 years ago, but not nearly as difficult as I’ve been dreading all these years.

Driving home today, suddenly and unexpectedly as always, the Angel Wings came out to play, bigger than ever, huge, twice as tall as a water tower I drove past and still unveiling themselves more and more all the way home. Definitely, very loud dance music in a small enclosed space has something to do with triggering this response. And I heard my own voice, but it wasn’t my voice, saying “How does an Angel become Bionic?”

How does one reconcile the holy and the sacred with science and the miracle that is modern medicine? Are they polar opposites, like good and bad, day and night, love and indifference? Or are they one in the same?

It’s hard on the human brain, to realize (a) one is growing the largest Angel Wings ever at this very minute, which are creating something that I still can’t comprehend but can very much feel a part of that creation, and (b) one is about to get a fake body part replaced with a newer, better fake body part. One thought is so surreal and one thought is so screamingly brutally real. The human mind has difficulty holding those two contradictions at the same time.

But the human mind can hold two contradictions at the same time, and believe both. That’s what makes us holy.

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One Response to Becoming Angel (Bionic)

  1. Tom Janus says:

    Best wishes for you on tomorrows procedure….I would have said good luck, but I didn’t think it was very angel like…

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