Becoming Angel (The Self-Healing)

So, apparently one of the new and unexpected bonuses of this whole Becoming Angel thing is that my human body heals at a rate far surpassing anything considered normal. At the hospital, the doctor’s, nurses, physical therapists, and passing strangers all seemed to be amazed at how well I recovered and how fast I was healing and how well I looked and I guess some of it was just that Angel Aura blinding them a bit, but it was almost comical, like I Dream of Jeannie or Bewitched magically healing a boo-boo and everyone who isn’t in the know stands around looking vaguely befuddled.

I’m stuck with a nurse and a physical therapist a few times a week at home, now, and they both act like I’ve done months worth of healing between their fairly frequent visits. Some of that may be to make me feel good about following instructions and doing my exercises, but still, they both have lately taken a sort of reverent, awed, slightly terrified stance when handling me, as if I might suddenly start shooting lighting out of my eyes.

So, yes, I’m turning cartwheels down the stairs, and I’m jogging seven miles every morning, and I think my dick has grown a few extra inches, and certainly my body is growing hair at an astounding rate. But that’s just me. The fact that I’m fairly young to be having bionics replaced in the first place has a lot to do with it, and the fact that I’m not obese, or diabetic, or a chain-smoker, or shooting up heroin, or drinking quarts of grossly cheap liquor, and I’m eating healthy food and taking healthy supplements and staying home and healing instead of racing off to Wal-Mart to jump on one of their little motorized carts and zoom around the freaking store. Just common sence things to help myself get better are really what’s helping me get better.

Bit then, it doesn’t hurt to have these big ass wings growing out my back too, and this halo reaching up into the heavens, and this new knowledge that the veils between the worlds are much thinner than I previously thought. The Angel stuff is definitely helping.

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