Becoming Angel (The OCD Thing With The Sheets)

I do not get or understand this part at all, but since Becoming Angel, changing the sheets on my bed has become an all day event. The mattress pad has to be washed in hot water and dried on high every single time the bed is changed, now. I always wash the sheets when I take them off the bed, and then fold them and put them in a drawer, exchanging them for a fresh set, like most people do, I expect, but now, suddenly, that’s not clean enough.

Now, suddenly, I have to wash the fresh sheets I’ve just taken from the storage drawer again, a second time, in hot water and dried on high, before putting the sheets on the bed. And often, the same process has to occur for the duvet cover. The bed is amazingly clean when I finally climb in at night, and I normally sleep well because I’ve made so many trips up and down the stairs and back and forth from point A to point B to make sure every piece of linen is perfect.

I feel spoiled, like I’ve walked into a new luxury boutique hotel and get to sleep in their self-masturbatory envelope of high thread count and scented linen sprays. And maybe that’s where the Angel part comes in.

Where does an Angel sleep? In a cloud? In a dream? Wherever it is, surely it must be a holy experience, for all experience is holy to an Angel.

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