Becoming Angel (Demons Amongst Us)

So, I think by now we’re all aware that there are a noticeably larger number of ass-wipes in the world than there used to be. We can blame it on media, or public awareness, or any number of things, but the bottom line is, there are a great many more awful people in this world than there used to be.

I’m not talking about mental health issues, or nature vs. nurture. But, I’m not excusing some poor kid who had an awful childhood and never learned how to be a nice person because that awful childhood happened 30 years ago and it’s about time to let go of that and grow the hell up and learn how to play well with others here in the real world.

This past year, especially, I’ve become more and more aware that there are people all around me who are just f**king mean and awful and horrible. People the world would be better off with if their mother had just gone ahead and had that abortion. People so f**king awful you can’t imagine how they live inside themselves without slitting their own wrist each and every day. People who yell and throw tantrums and try to work the system to their benefit whether they deserve it or not, just because they can and not because they have any reason whatsoever to do so.

A seller on Etsy actually went all ass-wipe on me recently, because I contacted him and expressed concern that the object I had purchased had a flaw that made it unusable. You could literally hear him snarling and spitting via email. Etsy is the home of customer service oriented craft persons trying to do something that matters to them and make a living doing it, or at least supplementing their income. This seller was a shithead, just because he chose to be. Not because I was a dick about it, or because I was demanding or awful, but just because he could and therefore he chose to be a shithead. This will not be a five-star review for him.

I used to say to myself “Oh, you don’t know what they’re going through, they might be having a really bad day, or going through something awful in their lives.” But now I say “F**k you, we’re all having a really bad day and we’re all going through something really awful in our lives. That’s how life is. Pull up your big-boy panties and deal with it.

It’s to the point I hate leaving the house. I can’t go to the freaking grocery without at least one and often several rude/mean/awful/bitchy people crossing my path and seemingly intentionally trying to make my day just a little less brighter. It’s like a contest for them, or a game. I lose, so they win. Even if all they win is pissing me off. She’s a total stranger I don’t know anything about, someone I’ve never met, who might cross my path again at some point and I might have something she needs but I won’t give her because I remember what an ass-wipe she was in the freaking bread section at the grocery so why on earth would I ever consider donating one of my kidney’s to her?

As the Angel thing has begun developing and growing, I realize they are all possessed by demons. Some are possessed by several demons. Most are not big scary Exorcist-level demons puking pea soup and levitating beds. Most are very minor, low-level minion demons with no real purpose except to take an otherwise happy day for other people and turn it into a teeth gnashing debacle and may or may not result in shouting, smacking, or an occasional shooting (which is perfectly legal in Kentucky if the demon says he or she felt threatened by the other party).

All this may explain the sudden appearance of my wings and halo. I can’t be the only one suddenly Becoming Angel, I’m just the only one I’m currently aware of. There may be an Army of Angels rising on this planet, and god help us as we try to figure out what we’re doing here, but just kicking the shit out of some of these minor demons is a really good start, I think.

The thing is, I’m not sure if all the noise I’m suddenly hearing, all the raging and snarling and spiting from the various demons, is because it’s become so loud right outside my door, or if my new Angel ears can hear further, and perhaps I’m hearing the whole world, or at least a much larger area than I’m accustomed to. But I think, for Christmas, this Angel is getting some new steel-toed demon-kicking-the-shit-out-of boots.

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