Becoming Angel (Angels Amongst Us)

While it seems as though the ass-wipes of the world are multiplying like lab rats and taking over the world at an astounding rate, one has to actively look for the good people of the world, who are still out and about, many of them, tons of them, but harder to see because the two bad kids in the classroom were always noticed by everyone whereas the 31 good kids in the classroom nobody paid much attention to, and things still haven’t changed.

When I recently had one of my bionic parts updated and replaced with a newer and better version, it was as though each and every person I came into contact with in the hospital was actively trying to make my difficult and scary experience into the most pleasant thing I’ve done since drinking hot cocoa with Mrs. Santa. Every Freaking Person. From the Receptionist to Admissions to pre-op Nursing to the various Doctors and Technicians involved in my procedure to the after-care, every single person was at very least, an Angel In Training. I didn’t sense most of them had actually sprouted wings and a halo anytime recently, as I have, but they will, sooner or later.

I couldn’t sleep and my ass hurt and I was grumpy and I had far to many weird drugs running around in my veins and I wanted a hot shower that I couldn’t take for 10 freaking days, but the staff were amazing and friendly and, dammit, sweet. I’m so unaccustomed to running into that sort of behavior anymore that I was completely blown away.

And don’t give me any shit about “that’s what they’re paid to do”. That’s what we’re all paid to do. And hospitals are cutting costs just like the rest of the country, and pretty much everyone you come into contact with is being asked to do more with less and not getting nearly enough compensation for it, especially since they basically save your life and keep you alive while you’re in their care.

It’s not just hospitals and their staff. There are many, many amazing people running around. You just never see them, or notice them, because the ass-wipes are getting in the way screaming for attention and their 15 minutes of fame.

It’s a battle as old as time itself, but I think it’s pretty common knowledge that the Angels, eventually, always beat the Demons. Always.

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