Nobody Writes Books Anymore

So, I find it really odd and vaguely irritating that I cannot seem to purchase any book that isn’t part of a trilogy, or a series, or basically is the product of a writer who gets greedy and just can’t seem to shut the hell up. A good story has a beginning, and a middle, and an END dammit.

Amazon is especially guilty of causing this new phenomenon. Series of books have always been around, since Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. But I go to what used to be my favorite feature of Amazon, “Recommended For YOU”, and now every time I click on a book to see more bout it, it turns out to be part 4 in a 7 part saga of science fiction set in the old west of an alternative universe.

Whatever happened to writers who sat down and wrote Books. Single books, telling a story, and then perhaps moving on to other books to write to tell new stories, but a full and enjoyable tale in each individual book.

With our newest technology nightmare of self-publishing, now millions of very mediocre authors just publish their own selves and Amazon doesn’t give a damn, Amazon will sell anything to anyone, so there is all these trash publications that would never have made it across a reputable publishers desk 15 years ago. Unfortunately, it completely negates the Amazon “recommendations” because they aren’t recommending “Hey, you like this very good novel, perhaps you’ll like this one too”. Instead, Amazon is recommending “Hey, you like this very good novel by Rad Bradbury, perhaps you’ll like these 30 other pieces of shit because they’re also about Pluto.”

I love Amazon. I love the convenience and the ease of purchasing and the fact that I can find pretty much everything I need there if I feel I need it. But the fact that they’re not selective at all of what crap they sell leaves them vulnerable to becoming the first online Sears, once king of the hill but now just another empty space that nobody wants to shop in.

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