The Perks of Becoming Angel and Bionic at the Same Time

So, there are definite perks to having bionic parts replaced. There is the fact that the old defective part is now replaced with a shiny new part, and the knowledge that the shiny new part should last at least a good 25 years and most likely longer because really, how many marathons to I truly plan to run from this point forward? But the best perk is the healing process itself.

Healing a major muscle group around a major bone and joint juncture takes time, even for one Becoming Angel. 7 – 9 weeks, to be exact. That’s 7 – 9 weeks off work. That’s 7 – 9 weeks not having to get up too early to drive too far to a job that is too stressful working with people who are too awful for a state agency that is too big to accomplish anything especially important. We all hate our jobs. 7 – 9 weeks just makes it easier for us to realize exactly how much.

Since I’ve been working for this pitiful Commonwealth for the majority of my life, now, I have more than enough sick leave accumulated to cover my time off. That’s what it’s for, and that’s how I’m using it; paid time off to recuperate from an illness. So the bills are covered.

The real perks sound minor, but they mean everything when you’ve forgotten them in the first place. Falling asleep without sleeping pills. Waking up when your body tells you it’s time to get up, rather than a shrill alarm clock going off in your ear. Not having to deal with awful people. Spending your time reading. Watching movies. Listening to music. Relaxing. But mostly, feeling all that weight from daily work life lift from your shoulders and leave your brain clear to think about real things instead of awful imagined work-things.

I’m so blissed out that the Boyfriend is becoming fast irritated with me. He can’t get a simple answer to a simple question anymore. “What would you like to eat for lunch?” “I don’t care.” “Do you need me to take you to the drugstore today?” “I don’t care.” “Would you like a ham sandwich or a turkey sandwich?” “I don’t care.”

The thing is, I’m so seriously blissed that I Don’t Care. I would be just as happy to eat a peanut butter sandwich as to eat a prime rib. I’m not terribly concerned about getting my errands run, so long as I go do them at some point. I’m more Zen and content right now than I’ve been in years. I’m not trying to be unhelpful, it’s just that all choices sound wonderful because I get to make the choice rather than have it dictated to me by my work schedule or my work responsibilities.

They say “Do What You Love”. I say, you’re very lucky if you get to do what you don’t mind doing and sometimes even like doing. But, then, that may all be changing as the Angel grows more and more prominent and the mere human that I am slowly fades away.

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