Most Homosexual Person On The Planet

So, my BFF Kathy Griffin called me during a commercial break while she was covering Times Square with Anderson Cooper last night for the ball drop, just to check in, and asked me what I did all day to celebrate the last day of 2014, and I told her I cleaned and rearranged the laundry room, and then designed the renovation to add cabinets and storage space to the laundry room on the Ikea website, and then watched Ryan Seacrest count down the final minutes until 2015 because I refuse to get cable just so I can watch Kathy on CNN when I know it will be all over the web to download today. And Kathy said “You may seriously be the Most Homosexual Person on the planet. And I said “No, that would be Neil Patrick Harris.” And Kathy said “Oh yeah, you’re right.”

Kathy’s latest ongoing quest is to find a picture of Anderson Cooper’s erect penis, which she knows he has somewhere, because since the invention of the cell phone camera no man on the planet has been able to resist taking a picture of his erect penis and sending it to somebody, but so far she has been unable to locate said picture, but she promised to send me one when she finds it.

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