So, this week I’m on re-entry to society mode, which frankly, does not really excite me much. It means I have a series of doctor’s appointments over the next two days, which I’m not looking forward to because the flu is currently at “epidemic” proportions in Kentucky and I get to sit in not one, not two, but three separate doctor’s offices with sick people all around. So that won’t be fun. Plus I’m a bit out of touch with daily human interaction, so my people skills are a little rusty and I’ll really have to focus really hard in order not to scream at someone or say something rude.

As an additional bonus, I will probably be released to return to work on Friday. Can’t say I’m terribly excited about that option either. I get to go to work, say “Hi” to my boss, and then add “Oh by the way, I’m getting the other hip replaced in three weeks and will be out of the office on extended leave again” which will almost surely not inspire singing and dancing on her part. So there’s that.

Then I have to deal with awful people for three weeks, and awful co-workers, and awful traffic and awful wake-up times and who only knows what emergencies and dramas that have accumulated while I’ve been away. So I’m not really looking forward to that, even though I know it’s only for a few weeks.

And then I get to have my second bionic part replaced, which was far from traumatic the first time, but I’m just now getting done with the first one and now I have to do it again.

But hey, once I get both leg bionics completed, I’ll be able to run almost as fast as my new Angel Wings can fly….

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