Becoming Angel (With Two Familiars)

So, this afternoon, for no apparent reason, both dogs suddenly became excessively needy, wanting to be pet and held and spoke to and adored. Both looked vaguely alarmed, and I realized “Hey, they just got the message that I’m going back to work tomorrow, which means I won’t be here all day with them, and they’re concerned.”

I reassured them. Of course, they don’t speak English, so they didn’t get everything I told them, and they don’t really understand time the way humans do, so they didn’t get that I’d be leaving in the morning and coming back home in the evening, just like I used to do, because they don’t remember what I used to do, they just remember recent history where I’m home with them every day and they like the company even if they do mostly ignore me and sleep on the bed in the guest bedroom.

The Old Dog gifted me with levitation fur that drifts through the air with little control but refuses to land on the ground, which might be handy as I try to get these new Angel Wings to fly. The New Dog marked my right hand as sacred. Both adored me like the Magi, so I think I’m fairly well enveloped in my own magic bubble, at least enough to get me through the day tomorrow.

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