Katy Perry Super Bowl Spectacular

So, I watched the Katy Perry Super Bowl Half-time show on YouTube last night, because seriously, I just have much too much to do with my life to sit down and watch half the Super Bowl on a Sunday evening just to see the half-time show, which is usually fairly lame anyway. But I give props to Katy. No Expense Was Spared.

But more importantly, she did some pretty scary shit, all in the name of spectacle and entertainment of the masses. Sure, she was tied on to that lion, and probably glued on to that shooting star, but still, YOU try flying around a freaking football field at night with pyrotechnics going off all around you and trying to look like you’re actually singing from the heart instead of pissing down your leg.

It was worthy. At least, it was worthy of watching for 20 minutes on YouTube. And I give all kinds of credit to the cast and crew of thousands of people who had to work in sync to make that dancing, strobing, moving, hologramming, flying magic happen. Not to mention several costume changes.

Think about it: We end the game for half-time. We run two or three really expensive commercials, each 30 – 60 seconds long. Minutes, we’re talking here, minutes. In those minutes, all that special effects flooring had to be laid down, the wires to make everything fly had to be dropped in, the dancers had to get in their places, the lighting guy had to make sure all the damn glow-balls changed color on que, costumes had to be stashed at strategic places all over hell so Katy could leap out of one and into another in a single bound, literally, and the handlers had to make sure that all the other talent was there and ready to perform. And BAM. It all happens. And then there’s this magnificent show, worthy of any Vegas spectacle. And then BAM. A few more commercials and while they run all this shit is cleared from the field and we’re ready to play ball some more.

In the words of Paul Simon “These Are The Days Of Miracle And Wonder”.

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