Major Concerns When Healing From Surgery

So, after hours of discomfort and worry and online research and generalized angst, I finally pooped yesterday, for the first time since the second set of bionics were installed. And believe you me, I Literally Heard the Angels Sing. And it’s absolutely nothing like you might expect after attending your local Sunday morning church services. Or even after attending a special concert by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It is, rather, very Old Testament and Very Very Loud and Very Very Frightening.

And once it starts, it doesn’t give just a little shit and then you’re comfortable and you stop. Oh no. It’s like a mud-slide. A little bit. Then a little bit more, which dislodges a little bit more, and then a whole lot more, and then it starts just falling out and you start worrying that a kidney or a spleen might get sucked out by the sheer momentum.

But when it’s done, you do indeed feel blessed.

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