Hibernation For Humans (And Becoming Angels)

So, I’ve been home from the hospital, from my last bionic installation, for just a week now. Pretty much all you do the first week is sleep, get up, eat something, wash off as best you can, take a nap, try to read, fall asleep trying to read, eat something else, watch a little television, and go back to bed. Hibernation for humans, as it were. And I like it.

This round in particular is odd because I’m regaining my strength rapidly, and getting around fairly well on my own, but from the look at the ever-blooming bruises on my leg, the good doctor sliced me open and then invited a few of his friends over to play rugby in my hip cavity. So even through I’m feeling great as far as my recovery, I’m still taking about twice the amount of pain medication I remember taking the last time. Hence, all the excess sleeping.

I firmly and loudly believe in the benefits of sleep when healing. Sleeping is when our body does most of its healing. It just does. The brain closes off and goes drifting off into any number of absurd dreams that make no real sense and I don’t remember them anyway, but the body, in the meantime, rebuilds and regenerates and reconstructs.

Yesterday was the first full day I had without naps. To accomplish this goal, I decided to change the sheets on the bed, which became an incredibly long and drawn out all-day and into the evening task because it takes awhile for me to move all the necessary pieces (sheets, blankets, etc.) from the upstairs bedroom to the downstairs laundry room (well, that part was easy, I just dumped everything over the stair rail and hollered “Look out below”) and then get new pieces cleaned and ready to move upstairs and place on the bed, etc.

It is a stunningly beautiful bed, especially when I take the time to make it up nice. It would put to shame most any five-star hotel, or at least hold its own. I even took the chance of moving back to my side of the bed last night, after spending the week on his side of the bed because that’s the side that got bionic-ed and is harder to move in and out of bed to go pee in the middle of the night, one thing you can count on the pain medication to do, besides constipate you, is cause you to pee every two hours on the two hours no matter what.

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