Trapped In Kentucky (No Onions) Part 2

So the sun came out yesterday, and heated up the asphalt enough to assist the scraper trucks in getting a great deal of snow off the roads. The boyfriend even managed to get our driveway in some manageable shape so that we might be able to leave the house by car if necessity so dictated (as in, we need to go to the store for onions).

Ah, but then comes the second wave. A few more inches fell overnight, just a few, but enough to cover the exposed asphalt that everyone was so excited about, because it really sucks trying to drive down the interstate when you can’t see the freaking interstate. And, this second wave is bringing in extreme cold and high wind. So now all the snow that has been moved but not melted is also drifting.

So schools are called off once more, and everyone is staying home where it’s safe and dry except for people who have to go to work and other people who have to go out joy-riding to get onions and prove to everyone that a little severe weather is nothing to worry about.

And the temperatures are falling. It is 12 degrees outside right now and that’s supposed to be the high today. We are looking at a possible -7 tonight, and worse tomorrow. And of course, the poor Boyfriend has no idea if he has to work or not because the school where he works has been making that call on a day-to-day basis, but seriously, would you send your kids to school when it’s -7 outside? I wouldn’t.

Since I’m stuck at home anyway, healing up my new bionic leg, it doesn’t affect me as much as most people, because I don’t have that work/not-work stress. I’m happily stranded at home for the next month anyway, so the extra company when the Boyfriend gets a snow-day is fine by me.

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