A Brief Taste of Freedom (And Onions)

So, the Boyfriend is many things and has many talents, but one thing he does not do well is sit still for any reasonable period of time. Several days trapped at home due to the weather does not sit well with him. Even if he has absolutely nowhere to go, he has to go Somewhere or explode. Even if it’s just out for onions.

The Boyfriend had dug out tracks for the car, up the driveway, through the snow, as best he could, considering we’re looking at 10 inches and he’s trying not to pack it down any worse than it already is, and the fact that he has asthma and doesn’t breathe really well in the cold weather and it’s hard to shovel if you’re not breathing.

He gets his car out of the garage and makes his first attempt. Not even close. Digs some more snow. Tries again. Not happening. But he doesn’t give up, because he doesn’t sit still well and he’s doing something which in his world is better than doing nothing, even if he can’t breathe while doing it.

After approximately a dozen small attempts, he actually manages to get the car out of the driveway and onto the main road of the subdivision. And he’s gone. Going somewhere. Doing something, rather than doing nothing.

He returns an hour later laden with bags from the grocery, full of ingredients for last night’s supper, and onions. He has pursued greatness and claimed it as his own. And we have a really lovely hot supper, which, oddly enough, does not include onions as an ingredient.

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