A Brief Review of Our Fun Week in Nowhere, Kentucky

We’ve had a fun week here in Nowhere, Kentucky. First it snowed, lots, much, many inches more than our people or our road crews are accustomed to handling. So that was exciting.

Then, almost immediately, it got very cold. We started yesterday at -32 degrees not too far from where I live. So the snow hasn’t really gone anywhere, except when we’ve been able to push it aside so we can at least drive from point A to point B, provided both point A and B are on major roads and not side roads which still are completely covered and useless unless one has a dog sled and full team of dogs to pull one across the tundra.

The Boyfriend only worked one day last week, yesterday, because the school he works for is run by an idiot who felt that -32 is not too severe weather for a 3rd grader to be exposed to. The roads were probably the best they’ve been all week, and the Boyfriend made it there and back just fine.

But our weather guys were already hard and throbbing again, because a NEW system was heading our way fast and predicted to drop another 10 inches down upon us, plus ice and slush and all sorts of mess. So I texted the Boyfriend to stop for more Onions on his way home so we wouldn’t starve to death if we became housebound.

And now it’s here. Big puffy beautiful snow. Predicted to last all day. So long as the power doesn’t go out, I’m in pure bliss.

F**k these People Person people. I am happy as a clam (and really, scientific studies show that clams actually are extremely happy) here at home with my Boyfriend and my dogs safe beside me. And we’re even having pancakes for breakfast. Who can ask for more than that?

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