So, I realized yesterday, I haven’t left the house for three weeks. Not once. Mostly, because of my new bionic parts, but also because of the snow and cold we’ve had in the past said three weeks which I don’t want to slip and fall on or in and do any damage to my new bionic parts.

If I were a Sociable Gay Man of a Certain Age, I would be hosting an Oscar Viewing party tonight, bionic parts be damned. We would have little betting pools for various categories, and the Boyfriend would be making amazing finger foods to eat, and we’d be cleaning the spare bedrooms in case anyone gets their car stuck in the snow or just has too much to drink. But I am not a Sociable Gay Man.

I love the fact that I haven’t seen anyone except my Boyfriend for several weeks. I love the fact I haven’t been out dealing with the ice and snow. I love the quiet that comes from being home alone and not having to listen to the yammering from the next cubicle over and the cubicle next to that. I love the freedom that comes from deciding to eat when I’m hungry rather than when my scheduled lunch break is, and eating what I want rather than whatever is available in the shitty coffee shop at work. I love drinking good coffee. I love naps.

Next week, weather permitting, I will venture out for the first time, for a follow-up visit with my doctor, to make sure I’m healing properly and all that. And I suppose it will be nice to leave the house, at least for a short time. To ride in a car. To go to the city. To have an adventure.

But then, I get to come home.

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