Technology Growing Pains

I see our society, and our world, as very obviously experiencing extreme growing pains as we move into our new technology era. We act as though we’ve arrived at the adult level, when in fact we’re still barely in the really awkward “tween” stage where teeth are too big and hormones are just starting to surge around a bit and we’re realizing there are differences between boys and girls but we’re not exactly sure what those differences are, and teenagers seem to be the coolest kids on earth. Apply that imagery of mind-set to Moms On Facebook and you’ll see that I’m right.

We think we’re so advanced and clever, but most of us are still using the internet for all the wrong reasons and few of the right ones. In ten or fifteen years, when we look back, we’ll remember this time with embarrassed shame, as the dark ages when all this information and opportunity has suddenly become available on demand and we use that miracle to text our kids while driving, reading miss-information posing as news headlines, and slandering each other on social media.

Most of the kids get it. They see and understand the full potential they have. It’s a part of their life, and always has been. It’s the adults who can’t or won’t grasp how wrong it is that we’ve completely lost all quality local journalism, our national and world journalism has become mass entertainment and pharmaceutical advertising, and we spend more time “liking” things online than we do speaking to our children.

Instead of using our smart phones to actually monitor our energy usage and run our homes more efficiently, we use our smart phones to watch internet porn at work. Urban legends and outright lies are presented as fact by Yahoo and Fox News, and we don’t have any system in place to help our kids and ourselves understand and recognize the difference between the two. We don’t look each other in the eyes when speaking because we’re too busy monitoring our twitter feed.

Happily, hopefully, like a tween, we’ll grow into our teeth and our bodies, things will seem to be much worse than they actually are for a while, and then we’ll mature into this new technology and recognize how to use it well. It’s a whole new world.

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