Adventures In Major Home Appliances

So, last week the top rack of the dishwasher stopped cleaning whatever the hell we had crammed on it, and that was a problem since we tend to use the top rack more than the bottom rack (in gay world, the top is almost always more in demand than the bottom), so I YouTube-ed a few how to fix shit videos and they all said “Oh, it’s nothing and very easy to fix yourself except that you have to take apart the whole damn dishwasher and have special tools”. Oh hooray.

So the Boyfriend is fighting his latest bout of asthma and can’t breathe most of the time, and I’m healing from my bionic replacements and can’t really crawl around down on the floor and up inside a goddamn dishwasher, so we probably should have filmed this and put it out on YouTube and gone viral as the two old farts fixing their dishwasher who have absolutely no business attempting to do so.

Still, it actually went fairly easily. We’re doing a test rinse now, to see if we were successful, and from all the water sounds inside the big stainless steel box, it sounds as if perhaps we were.

And, updating later, it appears that yes indeed, we managed to do what needed to be done and we now have a functioning dishwasher once again. Which only goes to show that two old gay farts can pretty much accomplish whatever the hell they set their minds to.

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