Magical Protection

My home is protected.

I’ve been doing it for so long I don’t even think about it much anymore, it just happens. Sacred objects are everywhere. Their combined power is forceful enough to keep all but the very stupidest of demons at bay. The constant infusion of powerful, positive energy into our living space makes coming home as satisfying and comforting as walking into a cathedral.

Every object has its own special space and sacred position in that space. If an object is moved, it is by choice rather than by random motion. Each space occupied, be it on a bookshelf, on the wall, on the floor, or on a desktop, radiates love and sacredness, and therefore protection, throughout that space and combined with all the spaces throughout the house.

There are fierce foo-dogs standing guard. There are birds everywhere. There are sacred objects tucked into corners and on shelves and into spaces. There are circular objects hanging from the ceiling, to move stagnant chi. There are mirrors and unobstructed windows.

There are handmade artesian objects everywhere, providing function as they radiate the love and care which their creators focused in their making. There are sacred chimes. There is art on every wall, each piece resonating with its own secret meaning, each another name for God.

There are objects found and purchased with love. There are sacred stones and crystals. There are Buddhas and Madonnas and Saints. There are elements of wood, stone, metal, air, and water. There are natural fabrics. There are idols and turtles and spheres. There is much music, even in the silence. There is much beauty. There is much love.

My home is protected.

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