Something In The Water

So, yesterday the Old Dog had surgery on his foot. I guess he saw how much fun I’ve been having with my bionic legs, limping and groaning and whining and swearing, and decided he wanted some of that fun for himself. He ripped a toenail while digging up the back yard with the New Dog last summer, and it got infected, and he was on antibiotics to clear that up most of the fall, and it healed, but now he’s been messing with it again as well as digging up the yard some more with New Dog and managed to get it severely infected once more.

Vet says the best thing to do at this point is to cut out the infection completely. Drop the Old Dog off in the morning, they’ll fix him right up, pick him back up in the afternoon. Fine.

But, it is surgery. And I’m nervous. Old Dog is Old. He didn’t want to go in and he wouldn’t go back to the surgery waiting area until I took him myself, and normally he’s more chilled out at the vets office than he is here. He knew something was up. But we got him settled in and I came home and waited and waited and waited and freaked out and paced, and tried not to let my thoughts go over into the Dark Side but to stay positive. I was much more worried about Old Dog having his toe worked on than I was about either of my two major surgeries of the past six months.

Because he’s My Dog. Our Dog, but My Dog. I went to the pound and picked him out and paid to have him fixed and brought him home. He’s been part of my life and our life together almost since we moved in together over 13 years ago. I’ve accepted the reality that he’s getting pretty old and his time is coming, but then, so am I and so is mine. I’m not ready to read that chapter of the book, just yet.

So they finally called and said he was in recovery and he was fine and I could come pick him up at 2:00 and I was there at 2:00 sharp and he was woozy and unsteady on his feet but more than ready to come home. And I was more than ready to have him back home.

The world changes very quickly. Some changes, you feel coming and try to brace yourself for whatever they may be. Change is Good. Right now, I feel like a screen door with the winds of change blowing through me so hard they might blow me right the hell off my hinges.

But some changes, you just put your foot down and say “Not Yet Dammit” and that’s the end of the discussion.

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