Breakfast of Champions (and Angels)

I love getting up in the morning and making myself a cup of coffee with just a squirt of raw honey in it, and then toasting a Thomas Everything Bagel and slathering it with Philadelphia Cream Cheese.  [Not a product placement, it’s just what we have available here in Nowhere, Kentucky]  The Everything Bagel becomes special because its not something I would normally eat first thing in the day:  It has garlic and onions and makes your breath foul for most of the day no matter how hard you brush and gargle.  But, being home, incorporating my bionics into my semi-angel body, nobody relly cares about my breath except the dogs, and they really don’t mind things that smell foul if it also smells edible.  In fact, they occasionally will drag their lazy asses up from bed and come sit by the table to beg for that last bite, and if I’m feeling generous, I’ll share.

It’s possibly one of the nicest ways ever to start one’s day, a toasty warm creamy bagel and a hot cup of coffee while looking out the window at the weather and the birds and the squirrels, all while sending a non-verbal “F**k You Very Much If You Don’t Like My Smell” message to the entire world, because this I do for me and not for them.

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