Online Astrology Dog Days Are Over

So, according to one of my favorite online astrologers, we’ve just completed a series of seven squares between my ruling planet Uranus and Pluto which some folks don’t even consider a planet anymore but for astrology sake they still do.  It’s been going on for years, since 2012, and the astrologer made a very big deal about it every time the two planets squared, but never went into a great deal of detail, as most successful online astrologers are wont to do.

So yesterday was the last of it, and suddenly he changes his tune from “these important life-changing events in the sky” to “thank god that’s over, maybe you can start having a normal life back again, won’t that be nice” and I’ve had no clue that this celestial event was making my life difficult, I figured it was just people.

Who knew?  Well, the astrologer did, apparently, and one wishes he might have been a tad more specific about what the hell all the ruckus was about, but a good astrologer doesn’t blather on about the bad bits, he just tells you how to  make the most of whatever situation is currently unfolding in the skies.

In any case, if something bad is going away and something good is coming, I can deal with that.  Even if the good is figuring out how to deal with all the mashed potatoes I’ve managed to accumulate in the fridge over the past few days….

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