Wasting Time On The Internet

The internet has the potential to change the world, and already has in many ways, and continues to do so.  What I find odd is, for the vast majority of users, the internet has become just a huge time-suck, a way to whittle away the hours because we apparently have nothing better to do.

It’s taken a huge toll on worker productivity, at least in State Government, where people are logged on to computers all day but instead of doing actual work, they’re instead checking Facebook and reading ESPN and Yahoo Headlines and YouTube and checking online menus to see who delivers and what to order for lunch.  State Government won’t restrict access to its workers, here in Kentucky, because approximately 5% of the workforce actually use the internet for research and job-related activities, so the other 95% of us get a free reign with no consequences unless we’re caught viewing porn, and even that won’t normally get you fired.  So what used to be a full days work is now more like a full hour or two if you’re lucky.  Kentucky could cut state payroll costs by 3/4 if they’d give raises to the folks who actually work all day and fire all the rest who just fart around.  And for most State Workers, all you have to do is look at their computer usage to verify if they’re working or farting around.

But, I find I do the same these past few weeks while home healing from my newly implanted bionics.  I have stacks of movies to watch.  I have stacks of books to read.  I have exercises to do, to strengthen myself so I can have a normal life back.  Instead, I spent most of the morning reading Yahoo Headlines and responding to online surveys about my recent purchases.  Seriously?  I finally have all this free time, mine, to do with what I will, and I’m WASTING it on Yahoo Headlines?  What is wrong with me?

So, I’m commenting on my own stupidity and the stupidity I see in the world around me, then exercising my legs for at least 15 minutes, then taking a hot shower, and then we’ll see where the day leads me.  But I’m making an effort to stay OFF the internet.  I already refuse to get a smart phone, because I don’t want that temptation to fart around in my pocket with me all the time.  But enough is enough.  I need to fill my brain with good things, not junk food.

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