Becoming Angel (With Followers)

Probably the strangest thing, since this whole Becoming Angel thing started, is that I keep getting all these new blog followers from very obviously devoutly Christian bloggers, and I can’t help but wonder if maybe they don’t even have a clue the types of shit I blog about and just run a search for religious words and then follow them hoping I will follow them back when I’m not about to because most of the time I truly do not give a shit what they have to say. That’s not to say all Spiritual/Religious bloggers are narrow minded ass wipes who can’t accept the fact science can co-exist with religious and spiritual belief, but many/most of them are.

If your blog is covered in quotes from the bible, you really don’t have much to say to me and I have no idea what you think I might have to say to you. But then again, maybe your blog will save me and maybe my blog will save you and we’ll all sing together in that great by-and-by….

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