Low Salt

So, the Boyfriend has been put on a Low Salt diet, which roughly translates to NO F**KING SALT because everything that comes in a can or a bag has salt in it and when you try to stay under some stupid number like 2,000 for an entire day, which is basically equal to ONE TINY FREAKING TEASPOON, you may as well just hang it up and say NO F**KING SALT.  He has been his normal amazing self about the whole thing, because he basically lives on fruit and berries anyway and no salt is no skin off his back, but I think I’m starting to have signs of withdrawal.

I ran into the grocery by myself today to pick up some milk and some aspirin.  Of course, in this brave new world we live in, all grocery stores feel the need to model themselves on Wally World, so the milk is approximately one mile away from the aspirin on the other side of the store.  While hiking from point A to point B, I couldn’t help but see the end of aisle displays, which I normally ignore, but today, were all calling my name very loudly even if it was something I don’t really like much.

Dips.  Chips.  Peanut Butter.  Soup.  Crackers.  Box O Cheeze.  Lil’ Debbie Snack Cakes.  Frozen Dinners.  Pre-packaged Convenience Foods.  I was drooling on the damn floor.

Still, if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me, and I’m more than willing to extend my time on this planet for a few days or months or years but cutting my intake of salt, which I used to toss in every dish by the handful, literally.  It just takes awhile, I think, for my mouth to get used to the taste of anything and everything Except salt.

And, for true emergencies, I can always grab a bag of chips from the coffee shop at work….

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