Church Sign Actually Says Something Important

So, today I’m driving home from work and I pass one of the many little churches that crowd the landscape, each claiming to be the messenger and know the word of the one true God, but one wonders why God would need 15 different churches in a 12 mile stretch of road between two fairly small towns, and how in the hell do they find enough people to fill all these churches?  Anyway, they all have signs out front that used to just post the theme of the weekly Sunday sermon but now all the preachers take several years of bad creative writing courses in theology school and they normally say insipid and stupid things.  But today, this one church, had a new message posted which read:

“Have You Prayed About It As Much As You Have Talked About It?”

And I stopped the car in the middle of the road and I climbed out and stood there applauding for half an hour, because for once, one of these damn church signs said something relevant and important and real that might actually make the folks here in Nowhere, Kentucky stop and think about their relationship with God.

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