Baby Cribs

So, today, we finally made the trek to Ikea and bought a baby crib for the grandson, which is significant in two ways:

1) Grandson is due to make an appearance sometime in the next four or five weeks and until today, we had no place to put the child while visiting or baby sitting, unless we held him the entire time or laid him on the floor and hoped the dogs wouldn’t eat him.  Of course, for the first few weeks, he’ll be held all the time anyway, because that’s what grandpa’s do, but once the initial newness wears off, we’ll want a place to stash the child when he’s asleep and not doing anything interesting.

2) We made the trek to Ikea, which is approximately a two hour drive through Cincinnati, and anyone who has ever been inside an Ikea knows it’s like Disney Land for bargain hunters who also like decent design, but it’s also a real hike to get from point A to point B. We haven’t been able to consider the trip recently, due to my new bionic hips and his quickly healing heart, but today, we both felt good and the sun was shining when the weatherman originally told us to expect rain, and we said To Hell With It and we went and we shopped and we found the perfect baby crib.  Considering the fact that all the other perfect baby cribs we’ve looked at were between $700 and $800, which is sort of stupid unless you plan to magically keep a grandson under the age of three for a very long time, we got a very nice crib for a reasonable price and now all we have to do is find time to put the damn thing together sometime before he makes his appearance.

But the really big deal was that the two of us got to go and do and enjoy.  It sucks when your body suddenly won’t let you live your life, so you work very hard to fix any damage and heal and grow even healthier than you were before, so that you can live your life again, and when it starts coming back, it’s a freaking miracle and a joy parade and just the very best thing ever.

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