Yahoo Mail Boobie-Girl Ads

So, okay, I understand that absolutely nobody uses Yahoo Mail anymore except for me, so I should just quit my whining and get another account, but the thing is, I’ve been using my mail address for over 15 years now and I really am just too damn lazy to change it and change all my online shopping accounts that need my email address in order to notify me when my items ship and when to expect them.  So I still use Yahoo Mail.  And I freaking hate it.

Their newest thing to hate is forced ads, which I wouldn’t mind if they were generic, but they obviously track my basic info and they’ve figured out I’m a 50+ male.  So the ad they always force me too look at is for a straight dating service “Lonely Female Seeks Older Man For Friendship And Maybe More” and I freaking hate it.  Because (a) I’m GAY and (b) the pictures they display look like Lonnie Anderson and her sisters and let’s be real, these are not real pictures of real customers. But it mostly bugs me because I’m GAY and Yahoo thinks it is okay to assume I’m straight.

So I have the option, sometimes, of sending a message “I don’t like this ad” and Yahoo then asks me “why” and I always choose “It’s offensive” because it is offensive, to the women in the ads who probably thought their stock footage would be used as toothpaste ads, and to me because Yahoo assumes I’m straight. And no matter how many times I send that message to Yahoo, they don’t keep that information, or perhaps choose to ignore it, even though I have to be logged in to my specific email account at the time, because the next time I log on, there they are again, middle-aged boobie-girls, and seriously, Yahoo, grow the fuck up and have some class.

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