What To Read While Waiting For Gay Marriage

So, I’ve more or less decided, while the Supreme Court debates for two months and finally concludes that my gay marriage should be just as valid as anyone else’s, no matter what the Commonwealth of Kentucky or any other state or dumbass may think, that my summer reading for this year is going to be only gay literature.  So, on the day of the court arguments, I started “How Long Has This Been Going On?” by Ethan Mordden, which is one of the best books ever about the entire gay world between the 1950’s and the AIDS epidemic.  I’ve read it a dozen times, and I still love it reading it again now.

When, too soon, I finish this amazing story, I’ll move on to something else, probably another choice from my personal library that I’m reading again, because the really sad thing is there isn’t a lot of funny, intelligent gay literature out there since the mid-1980’s, because AIDS sort of took up all of everyone’s time, and those who we didn’t lose are still processing those we did lose, and there is a lot of sad, sorrowful stories out there, but I need upbeat and positive and fresh and fun, because I’m getting married soon dammit and I want to be fucking happy about it when I do.

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