That Need To Feel More Special

So, working for State Government, and having developed some level of expertise in my area, I often have the unique pleasure of working with the offices of some of our Legislators and Commissioners and Secretaries and others with some tiny measure of power, because some client of ours is an ass-wipe and needs to feel more special about themselves, so rather than contacting my staff directly with a concern, they call “someone important”.  The fun thing is, I run a pretty tight ship, and normally, the problem or issue the client is concerned about has already been addressed and often resolved.  The client, however, being an ass-wipe, doesn’t think to contact us directly and ask; instead, they have to call “somebody important”.

So, I get to do a little quick research to confirm there actually is no problem, and then go get something from the snack machine, and after a decent interval of time has passed, respond that I’ve handled the crisis and please tell the Senator/Commissioner/Secretary to let their constituent know that the issue has been resolved.  I look like a hero for resolving the problem so quickly, when in fact it was already resolved, and the ass-wipe gets to feel important because they called “somebody important” and “got something done, by god” and they feel good about paying taxes even though their elected official got there by swearing to cut taxes.

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