Self-Help New-Age Buddhist Wican Pamphlet

So, at work this morning, I stop to decide if I would like to have Peppermint Tea or Green Tea, make a decision to go with the Peppermint this time, go to the bathroom to pee first, then stop by the water fountain on my way back to fill up my cup and let the Peppermint Tea slow brew at my desk.

And part of me says “I’ve just wasted five entire minutes of my life”.

And another part of me says “I was entirely there, extremely mindful, very Zen and focused on the moments of choosing and peeing and creating, of standing and making a journey and then sitting, and deciding a butterscotch would be nice while I wait and allow the flavor to infuse the water, and that’s not a wasted five minutes, that’s just making tea and living life.”

There’s an entire series of Self-Help New-Age Buddhist Wiccan conferences and classes and retreats in there somewhere, or at least a pamphlet.

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